Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Jedidiah's Dedication

Jedidiah was dedicated at church on Sunday, February 27th along with 7 other babies, 3 of whom were born the same week as Jedidiah. (our church is just booming with babies!) It was great to be up there with all of our friends, together dedicating Jedidiah to the Lord as a family, and how important it is to have the support of our church family.Of course, Jedidiah had to dress up like Pastor Lindell! So, we found him his own little yuppie, Franklin(city) collared shirt with paisleys on it.
...unplanned, Pastor and Jedidiah were a matching duo!

Kingdom baby...Jedidiah!

Emily and Daddy STILL at work

Emily is still hard at work, helping daddy
cutting with the table saw...
an Emily mountain of drawerscutting with the slide miter...slide-outs everywhere
cutting with the circular saw...
sanding...sanding...and MORE SANDING!the pantry
Clean up time!'s the end of the day...and the end of the week : )
The light is at the end of the tunnel! A work well done!

snow to SUN!

Enjoying the spring-like weather!

MORE Tennessee SNOW!

On Tobias' birthday it snowed! We got about 3" this time. The children played and enjoyed it the next day! We are realizing that with all the snow this winter, we could really use better snow gloves and insulated boots for all our growing hands and feet! (we gladly accept any donations)
Time to move to a warmer climate! : )

Emily and Daddy at work

Our friends (the Jennings) have been in the process of building their 4,000+ sq.ft. house since the fall. We have been blessed by the work they have hired Jason to do. The project now, is building custom kitchen cabinets. Emily has been privileged to be daddy's helper for 3 weeks now. She has been a huge helper! They are enjoying the time spent with each other!

Jedidiah - 3 months...and MORE!

Jedidiah is full of SMILES : )
our children are such a BLESSING!
Tobias and Sari are BUDDIES
our little cowgirl : )beautiful and handsome!
man hands
love the lips!...lips out...
lips in!
Our HAPPY talker!

Happy 6th Birthday, Tobias

We celebrated Tobias' 6th birthday this year with...
Tobias had all his favorites meals...
Breakfast: monkey bread and sausage & eggs
Lunch: grilled cheese, Dinner: Daddy's pizza
Everything was guessed it...TOY STORY!
Deputy Tobias
Holly bought Tobias a sheriff Woody with her earnings from selling eggs weekly at our church and here locally.
(It was quite a big deal..has anyone seen the price tag on this toy?)
Emily bought Tobias his own cap gun : )
Tobias had a Toy Story Treasure Hunt this year! Here are his 6 clues.

1.) Woody says: "Reach for the sky."
find 6 of your Toy Story friends HIGH on the CEILINGS in our house. These are coloring pages for you.
2.) Buzz says: "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue...and to infinity and beyond."
find 6 BUZZ LIGHTYEAR stickers on the WINDOWS in the house

3.) Ham says: "I will keep your money safe."

find 6 hidden QUARTERS under CHAIRS
4.) Jessie says: "Yo Da La He Hooo!"
find 6 STICK HORSES hidden in the house
5.) Slinkey says: "My back end needs to catch up with my front."
find 6 BANDANAS hanging from the CEILING FANS
6.) Woody says: "You're my favorite deputy!"
Lastly, find 6 TRADING CARDS on the DOORS in our house...
When you are done, you will get your BIG present!!!
Happy 6th Birthday, TOBIAS CRALEY COON!
Tobias said that he liked everything..his treasure hunt, Toy Story 3 movie, his computer, gun, PJ's, puzzles and school books but, it's pretty obvious that the major hit on his birthday...was Woody!
The cake was super fun to make! A Woody, sheriff badge! Made by momma
blow out the candles!
It was a GREAT Birthday of fun! Asleep with his new friend...too cute!
Happy Birthday Bud, WE LOVE YOU!