Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Jedidiah...4 1/2 months of cuteness!

Our newest little the BEST!!!

Schweplers visit!

We were thrilled and so blessed to have our friends, the Schwepler's, from Kansas City come and visit us! It had been WAY too long since we have seen each other's families! It was so great to see the children...oh how they have all grown!...We had a wonderful time, ate good food and had wonderful fellowship, catching up into the early morning hours!We had beautiful weather, so the children enjoyed the outdoors playing everything from guns, hiking, jumping on the trampoline, and board games.Sari and Lily (4 year olds)Avalee in her new cowgirl boots...thanks to Grandpop W!
We went to Grace church and spent the afternoon at a park.
Had a beautiful day to play, take a walk and fellowship : ) Our WONDERFUL friends, from our Missouri days...
the beautiful Schwepler family!
Ezra(6), Rachel holding Esther(1), Nathan holding Lily(4), Judah(8)
My friend,Rachel and sweet Esther
(amazing how Esther looks like her Grandmom, Esther Decker!)Tobias and Ezra (6 year olds)...handsome duo!

Emily's 10th Birthday!

We started a new birthday tradition this year...we made a
Mom and Dad put their building skills to use. Originally we had looked into getting a gingerbread house mold, but then got creative and designed our own style and size. We love building projects, especially the kind you can EAT ;)Holly made a mini-gingerbread house (3x3) for her friend, Rebecca at church whose birthday was also on March 13th : )
Holly bought Emily a new American girl dress for her doll SamanthaThe girls had a birthday celebration at church, for Emily and RebeccaEmily's gift from Rebecca, a hat and scarf for Samanatha
The BIG gift...a huge, unexpected SURPRISE!too cute that I had to add this one
Emily chose to have lunch at Samboli's steaks...YUM!!!
Our neighbors bought Emily a Jessie doll...they said you are only a child once and she needed one, so thanks Marsha and Steve, you're AWESOME!
Birthday cake this year was hot fudge cake with ice cream
the start of decorating the gingerbread house...
love Emily's hair this way...SO PRETTY!
Jedidiah watching...wishing he could help
Holly helped decorate one side...
everyone took part...

Tobias and Sari got to decorate the gingerbread men
too much fun!
The finished product!
vote was: MORE "favorite" candy next year!...especially the good kind!
...jelly beans...reeses...m&m' snickers...kisses...
The back side even has a rock (jelly bean) chimney!

Emily's 10th birthday Treasure Hunt

This years birthday treasure hunt was, of course, finding 10 of everything! The theme was related to some of Emily's favorite stuff ... monkeys, gingerbread houses and American girl dolls.
The treasure hunt was a story that started out with Emily...
1. finding 10 monkey stickers on windows in our house...
(Emily has always loved have to squeeze them in somehow)2. looking for 10 hersey kisses on photos of her...
3. searching our families coats and find 10 American girl dresses attached
4. finding 10 American girl cut outs...sleeping in our beds...
5. searching for 10 cookie cutters hanging on the doors around the house...
6. finding 10 "E" sticky notes on the outside of the house...
7. hidden in dad's workshop, (aka the patio) find 10 little pieces of wooden gingerbread men, and on the other side each piece of wood has a letter of her name on it...spell "Emily Hope 10"
8. searching the basement for monopoly money. 10 $100.00 bills.
9. finding 10 gingerbread cookies...hiding around the kitchen10. lastly, find 10 tiny little gingerbread houses in all your favorite places around the house
Happy 10th Birthday Emily Hope!
One last gift that came a few days late....
Momma put together a 12x12 photo book containing 300+ photos, 10 years of memories of Emily, starting with her birth, until now. It took endless hours to create, but it was so much fun, and the end result is this fun photo book of our Emily that she will always have.

side note: we missed you celebrating with us this year Uncle Steve!

Jedidiah...4 months...sleeping

Grandmom Pat blanket : )
Family voted on the doggie blanket

Todd and Paula's house

Our neighbors, Todd and Paula had a water pipe burst over the winter while they were in Florida. Water damage was over 3/4 of the house.
Note: this was our 1st houseold flooring (that we layed down, 11 years ago) had to be ripped up
Drywall and water lines had to be repaired
Everything was boxed up and taken out of the main room for the demo and remodel
Old cabinets, that never were intended for this house, were taken down to build custom cabinets that would be more functional and give Paula more usable countertop
old pantry area was changed to accommodate the fridgeother neighbors helped put the new hardwood flooring down
new fridge spot
Jason's workshop (our patio)
New custom kitchen cabinets that Jason designed and built.
LOTS more cabinet space...LOTS more countertop!
(wish I had these cabinets when we lived there!)