Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Sari and Avalee's birthday cake

We celebrated Sari and Avalee's birthday this year on Sari's birthday.
The girls told momma that they wanted an ice cream cake for their birthday...I was thinking the same thing!
Sisters full of kisses for each other
singing happy birthday
blow out the candles!
having fun with the icing
still beautiful, even in blue!

Avalee's 2nd birthday!

Avalee turned 2 years old on October 26th.
We celebrated Avalee and Sari's birthdays together with grandpop and grandmom Worrell here visiting.
Opening presents was so much was a busy day and felt like having twins keeping up with Sari and Avalee. They had fun opening and sharing all the new fun things

It was a beautiful day to celebrate birthdays!
Avalee had a little treasure hunt, where she had to find her painted "A's" that were "hidden" on the porch for her to find. Of course, she had to have her picture taken just like Sari did!
Avalee taking a turn with her doll in Sari's new swing
Sari got a microphone for her birthday...everyone loves taking a turn.
Our BIG 2 year old! We LOVE YOU!!!

Sari's 4th birthday!

Sari turned 4 years old on October 21st!
Opening birthday gifts is so much fun! I love her reaction to these dollhouse dolls!

Sari had her 1st treasure hunt this year. 1st task was to find 4 things "round" or the shape of a "circle", then get a present!
Next task...put together 4 different puzzles, for a present!
Swing on 4 different swings in the yard...
Find the painted wood pieces hidden in the children's natural sandbox area created from the flood in May.
SARI AHAVA was spelled out on one side, and the letter "S" was painted on the other side.
Spell your name for a present!
Last task, find the hidden rocks in the AutoMart parking lot...
Spell SARI AHAVA "4" ...for her big gift!

Happy 4th Birthday Sari, you are such a special gift from the Lord, we LOVE YOU!

Holly's 12th birthday!

On October 18th,
we celebrated Holly's 12th birthday! Her theme this year was BUTTERFLIES

Happy birthday Holly! Grandpop and Grandmom Worrell from NJ were here for the week to join in on all the birthday festivities!

Emily bought Holly a bird for her birthday. Holly's bird is the blue and white one, whose name is Sunshine. Now Emily's bird, Rio (that Holly bought for Emily's 9th birthday) has a friend!

Holly had a treasure hunt this year. I had the other children color butterflies which I used the back of to put each task on. For each of the 12 tasks she had to find 12 of something, like 12 butterfly stickers, 12 pictures of cowboy hats, 12 sticker crosses and so on. After finding the hidden 12 items around the house, she was given a one word clue that in the end she unscrambled 12 words into a sentence to find her final and BIG gift.

In years past, we painted rocks and spelled the children's names. This year we painted small wood pieces, and Holly had to find the painted "H's" in places around the house that Holly spends the most time. This was her final task.

Holly's BIG gift this year.... she was given the keys to our golf cart which has been out of commission for the past several years. Jason got it running and now they are in the midst of painting it.

This years birthday cake was a huge butterfly cake. Rainbow vanilla cake with vanilla and choc icing. We actually baked TWO 8x12 cakes and cupcakes.

The day was complete with our friends the Jennings and Holly's school teacher, Miss Nancy and her husband coming over for cake and ice cream!

Momma's belly

Avalee on momma's shelf

Avalee our cutie!

How many of my children can pile on top of momma's lap @ 36 weeks?!?!?!?!!?

36 weeks

32 weeks

Happy 35th birthday Jason!

Sari helping bake Daddy's cake
Happy 35th birthday Jason!

Avalee singing happy birthday to daddy!
blow out the candles