Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Jason's Baptism

On Saturday August 14th, Jason Eli Coon was Baptized in our local, Cain Creek.
Our old friends and our new friends where there in testimony and support!
First, Wylie spoke words of love and encouragement
then, Mark spoke words of wisdom and supportin the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
a NEW CREATURE in Christ!
hugs of gratitudeand more hugs
then everyone hung out and swam in the creek
keep counting...there are 10 children

the older children had fun on the rope swing,
it was a hot, but beautiful day!

Wisconsin - Holly's Beautiful LONG Hair

the yardstick measurement16" to cutthe braiding
measuring again, after the braid
the professional hairstylist, Muffy cutting...
the CUT piece in mama's hand! It was a bit emotional
beautiful and SHORT! Thanks, Muffy!the cut braid
Holly's new "grown-up" look! Isn't she beautiful!?
It's not about the hair's her heart that is so beautiful!


Wisconsin - @ the will be boys

There was monopoly playing...(Chad was victorious)
...and then there was the push up challenge...
Jason did ONE more than Chad and Brandon's total count, only because he went last. Chad (the work out guy) had the best form though! Go Chad! Look at my little man child..impressive eh!?
Our thought was the death in the movie "Facing the Giants"
Chad attempted push-ups with Brandon on his back
...and Chad doing successful "one-clap" push ups...
Indian leg wrestling (Jason won if fine form)
...and let us not forget, Brandon with one final attempt at the "one-clap" push up...wrong floor to do this on...especially when you can't quite get that clap in there! How are your ribs doing now Brandon? Our men are so entertaining!

Wisconsin - Visit to the Schelfhouts

We had a super fun time at a nearby man made lake
It was a beautiful day and the water was warm and the sun wasn't too hot
Jared, Holly and EmilyThe little table: Nathan, Carly, Tobias and SariPeter and Avalee
Chad doing a fine job cooking up the finest fish fry
In the evenings Brandon and Allison Mueller joined in for the fellowship and fun
...that made 6 adults and 13 children...what a blast!
Clara(7) and Nathan(3) Mueller...great looking children...are there more to follow?
The children had a blast playing a lot of soccer and then they did a lot of swimming to cool off
Sari-3 (birthday, Oct. 21st) and Carly-3 (birthday, Sept. 30th)
Peter-1 (birthday Dec. 3rd) and Avalee-1 (birthday October 26th)
Rest and Relaxation
Chad and Brandon in the kitchen making diner: homemade spaghetti sauce/meatballs...EXCELLENT!
Our handsome little man!What beautiful girls!
mealtime...ahh sooo YUMMIE!
My friend Muffy is amazing...she is serving everyone all at once!
(she's wearing a pink shirt...can you find her all 3x's?)
Clara Mueller and Tobias watching the soccer gameThis is a Great photo for a hallmark cardSmiling and hugging
Great friends...thanks for another enjoyable visit, full of GREAT food, laughter, baby talk, marriage videos and awesome God talk...GREAT fellowship as always!