Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Jedidiah...3 weeks

Jedidiah Eli - 20 days old
Sari Ahava - 4
Emily Hope - 9 1/2
Tobias Craley - 5 1/2
Holly Faith - 12Avalee Praise - 2
Jedidiah loves his bath timeDaddy and our newest little manmy little buddy - 18 days old

KISSES for Jedidiah!

kisses from daddy
Sari LOVES kissing her brother
Jedidiah is getting kisses from Sari AND Avalee...he IS there somewhere I promise!
brotherly love...PRICELESS!and more kisses from sister
momma can't kiss him enough!

Bowling with the Grandparents

We decided to go bowling while Grandpop and Grandmom Worrell were visiting. We also decided that since it had been sooo long since we had all been bowling, we shouldn't feel so bad with the end results of our scores!
Emily waiting and watching...
Jason still managed to get a few strikes and spares, as usual
momma even did pretty good
Tobias did great! He even got a strike!Young @ heart Grandpop joined in on the fun! Isn't he so cool! Go Ron!
Sari was so cute to watch bowling between the legs, and actually did great!
Holly throwing her best
Avalee even got a turn
Bowling was great FUN, dinner at the Uptown Bistro was delicious...a great way to celebrate all the November birthdays!
Happy Birthday to...Jedidiah, Grandpop, Grandmom and Momma!!!

Grandpop and Grandmom Worrell's visit - Jedidiah...3rd week

Our handsome little Jedidiah
Jedidiah enjoying time with Grandmom Worrell

Tobias and Grandpop playing checkers
Grandpop having a word with little Jedidiah
Avalee playing the piano
Sari loving on her Grandpop
Sari loving on her Grandpop and Grandmom
Playing a new game that Grandpop and Grandmom taught us...Mexican Train...everyone was a quick learner and had a blast
Jedidiah...he is SO incredibly precious, and such a good baby!
We are truly BLESSED! Thank you JESUS!

Jedidiah...2nd week

SUPER relaxed on momma...

awake and enjoying BIG brother
relaxed on Emily...
Daddy starring at sleeping Jedidiah
Once AGAIN, asleep in Sari's arms
Holly enjoying the moment

Jedidiah...1st week

proud brother
big smiles for Sari, as she loves to hold her brother
Emily rocking Jedidiah to sleep
Daddy and the NEW BOY

BIG brother, BIG helper
Sari, again holding her brother