Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Take a LOOK @ our Garden! May

Look at how healthy and tall our garden is growing!...this was the end of May! I will have to post new photos, as in the last week it has skyrocketed!
Ever since we planted the garden, we have been enjoying the 3 types of lettuce. What a wonderful salad it makes! We pick it fresh each meal!
Check out our very 1st tomato! Isn't that a cutie!
Here is a side view of our onions, carrots, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and popcorn!
and let us not forget our cucumbers!


Here is the cage that Jason made for Emily's bunny, Daisy. It's like a "chicken tractor" that you can move around the yard...ours is a "bunny tractor". It has mesh sides and a top so she can't jump out. The top also has a lid, so we can have access to her.
The bottom is open so she can eat the grass, we just move it around the yard with ease as the one end bottom has wheels to move easily...
...just pick up on the opposite upper end, as it has a handle to move the cage about! Very clever...we have a smart Daddy! You will also notice that she has liter boxes...she is liter/"potty" trained!
Daisy has quite a good life!

They fixed County Line Road!

On Thursday, May 20th, after a long awaited almost 3 weeks of driving over what some neighbors called our "goat path", Perry county FINALLY came and fixed our road! Ask all the wives on our road, and they will all agree how uneasy it was to pass over on the 7' wide, mushy temporary road. It wasn't going to last us much longer with all the continued rain and use.
The old culverts were in a definite rusty and bad state!

We spent most of the day down there watching all the excitement of dozers and dumping of churt and rocks. Tobias loved all of this! And, I think I enjoyed it just as much as the children!
The culverts or "tiles" were 40 feet long. That in itself was pretty impressive as they picked them up with ease and dropped them into their place.

We lost count of how many loads of churt they dumped
It took them most of the day, but by 4:30pm we were driving across a very improved road! It will remain a bit bummpy until the grader comes out, but we are so thankful!
Other road damage: A month after all the flood damage, we still have to take a long detour on our way to church on Sundays. Hwy. 50 (a state road) that connects Centerville and Columbia is still out. We have not seen the damage, but it must be a bridge that was washed out. Everywhere we go on major roads, we see roads repaired by gravel, we are thankful, but wonder when they will asphalt the repairs.

They fixed our road! @ Nathan & Zephyr's

The next day, on Friday, May 21 they fixed the culverts at Nathan and Zephyr's!
There is more work and evaluation that needs to be done on our road, but these were the two worst places, and we are thankful they are safer now to drive across.


When Sari plays hard, she sleeps hard...too cute! Check out those sunny rosie cheeks!
Sari helping out with making Friday night pizza!
Brother and sister snuggling...too cute!
It was our neighbor's birthday, so we got to enjoy cake too! Avalee REALLY enjoys cake!
It doesn't get much better than this! A true country girl! Ballerina suit, MUD boots and a baby bantie chickie...Sari is a little mother already! SO CUTE! We were "chickie-sitting" for a week for our neighbors and Sari mothered those 5 little chickies all week long, carring them everywhere!

438 towards Coble

This is about a mile east of County Line Rd.

Look closely and you will see Jason in the sink hole!

Quality Metals - local lumber yard

So, now everyone wants to know when muddy/cheap lumber is FOR SALE! We heard they will sell at 50% off, then auction the rest.
this was Monday, the day after the high waters

Our Community

Amish school house...their books scattered in the 3" thick mud.
Look at the back wall by the windows to see how high the water was.
Jones Hollow Rd...keep in mind this is Monday. The highest water levels were on Sunday.
We dropped the guys off to boat across to Hwy. 438 where we picked them up.
County Line neighbors driving around on Monday checking out the flood damage.

County Line Rd

The creek rose above County Line Road washing it out Sunday morning - first time ever!
The wash out was 20' to 25' wide.
The neighbors put in a walking plank, so we could go exploring in the outside world.
By Monday late afternoon the our neighbors had created a temp road for us to get in/out.
Holly and Emily are on their bikes crossing over and waving Hi, on our way to make a phone call from the neighbors house just on the other side.

County Line Rd @ Nathan and Zephyr's

during the rain, on Sunday evening...after things calmed was higher
the after, on Monday
in need of repair

County Line Road @ Marsha's (Sam&Heather's)

This is on Saturday...the FIRST day of rain! It was much worse on Sunday morning! Marsha's front yard...the culvert got blocked and over the road it went
Sunday evening after things calmed down
lots of churt and rocks on County Line from Noels driveway on the hill and valley

Chris Schrock digging the culverts back out and fixing a new channel the water made, as well as smoothing the road back out to drive