Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


What little cuties!

It was Sunday lunch, and our nap routine is interrupted. Avalee was SO tired, that she fell asleep WHILE EATING! After the photo, I took her out of her chair to try and get the piece of food out still in her mouth. She promptly woke up and wanted to finish what was on her plate.
sisters enjoying each taken by Tobias
Avalee has graduated to the youth chair. You can find her often backwards, singing or just not wanting to miss out on anything.
Sari and Avalee having fun

Avalee thinking she's a big cheese drinking from mom's cup

Dad and Mom had errands to run, so on these HOT days it is a great reward to have a snack at Cain Creek Market on the way home : )

CORN July 2010

We bought 17 dozen corn from the local Amish to put up in the freezer

It was a long day, but everyone helped. We yeilded 39lbs of corn!


Holly took 4 dozen eggs to our friends that have an incubator. She took on the responsibility and even paid for them. So, she has 19 new chickies that were born on July 4th! They are so much fun to watch and everyone has fun holding them.

Faith Valley Farms

Faith Valley Farms
Holly has added to her responsibility in taking care of the chickens. She sold 12 hens in the spring to our neighbor and now she is selling our extra eggs to our friends at church. We thought it would be neat to get her a business card that way people can communicate with her if they are needing eggs each week.
We get great size eggs...but every once and a while we get a small one.

Our Garden on July 13th

Check out our garden on July 13th!
The cucumber and cantaloupe are growing wonderfully!
The flowers are beautiful and have grown so much!
There is lots of tomatoes on the plants that will be ready for harvest soon!

Just some of the veggies we are being blessed with! Enjoying tomato sandwiches and we made some dill pickles...a new recipe...have yet to try them!

New bunk bed!

We are making some changes around the house in preparation for the arrival of #7. For starters, the "girls" room has become, the children's room. Holly still has the top bunk (which she has been graciously sharing with Sari) and Emily has the bottom bunk.
Avalee moved into the toddler bed in our room. When the baby comes she will move into the children's room. Although she does not look happy, she really does love her new big girl bed.
Tobias and Sari finally have their own beds now! Jason modified our extra bunk bed and made it smaller so it would fit better into the children's room. Who knows, someday we will actually add on to our house, but for now we are content with what we have, and are making it work out just fine!
Tobias bed theme is John Deere and firetrucks : )
Sari is like her sister Holly, she loves Horses!
The children are all excited about the new arrangements.

Girls go to work on BIG Roof Job

Jason, Zack and Wylie did a house and barn roof that was damaged by a tornado that hit the same weekend as the BIG flood on May 1st and 2nd, 2010. It's a beautiful log home with goregeous views...very peaceful.

I took the kids to visit dad at work. It was a very HOT day!
(notice how long Holly's hair is! It's beautiful!)
They had horses free roaming on their property, so the children enjoyed feeding them some fresh grass.

Holly and Emily joined on different days to be ground/clean-up crew. Holly is rolling a large magnet over the work site to pick up screws or nails.

The girls took advantage of the creek on the property...keeping cool and fishing a bit.
the barn
My very handsome and hardworking man on the roof!
...and my beautiful daughter, Holly Faith helping out...

love this photo
saying goodbye...job is done!
...and of course, every job has time for feeding the horses! Holly still aches for one of her own, until then she'll enjoy other horses!

Our Garden on June 23rd

Our growing garden on June 23rd!
the corn is finally higher than the tomatoes, and the cucumber plant is growing strong!
lots of tomatoes on the plants!
Bob and Larry... The firsts of our harvest!