Romans 8:32
He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Treasure Island, FL - 2009


Jedidiah...6 months

Bathtime with Jedidiah

LAB puppies : )

We went to visit friends that have lab puppies...
Sari and Avalee had a blast, chasing and holding these adorable puppies!

This years flooding...

2011 Spring rainfall brought more flooding
on April 27th
...a deeper swim hole than last year...
...and more churt and debree in my front yard...
the next day, the children had a blast swimming in our "swimming hole"
(this is usually a "dry ditch" and used to be a grassy front lawn)
then someone had the idea to put the slide in for added fun!

Spring is here...and so is MORE Baby chicks!

Holly put 5 dozen eggs in our friends incubator...
and then,
56 baby chicks were born on April 27th!
our mamma hen with her 11 babies
...the ugly stage...@ 3 weeks

Resurrection Sunday!

Went to church and heard a wonderful message...check it out!
at -- media -- A Legacy Regained 04/24/11
then, after church we went to a local park with our friends, the Carlson Family and enjoyed a beautiful day and a great time of fellowship.

This years Garden!

last years weeds...2nd year the making
THE PLANNING and PLANTING STAGEThe Coon Family Garden 2011
This is our cute little garden this year!
Complete with 3 mountain spring tomato plants, 3 green calif wander pepper plants, 3 red night pepper plants, 2 yellow sensation pepper plants, 4 cantaloupe, 6 strawberry plants (2 kinds), a row of potatoes, a row of onions and LOTS more lettuce than last year...6 red romaine, 12 buttercrunch and 6 black seeded simson. Of course, our garden could not be complete without flowers!

Photo shoot by Holly the photographer

Jedidiah...5 months and SUPER playful!

Don't you just want to eat him up?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big blue eyes!
Having fun at Jedidiah's expense!
a tub of toys...
look at his feet/socks pushed all up against the tub
Jedidiah eating his first teething "cookie"
...look close...he really was a crusty mess!
Fireman Jedidiah
His bib says "this is what HANDSOME looks like"!
Gotta love that drool!